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Sept 14, 2017

The Tactical Paramedic Certification (TP-C) was developed by the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC) to implement a gold-standard for all tactical medical personnel. Before the implementation of the TP-C, tactical medical certifications were strictly civilian or military. Now, the TP-C bridges that gap and is considered the world’s most challenging tactical medical exam.

Covering advanced tactical medicine topic areas include TCCC methodology, remote assessment, extraction, injuries resulting from less-lethal weapons, tactical team operations, medical mission analysis and canine management.  For a comprehensive list of all topic area covered on the exam, you can view the official IBSC TP-C candidate handbook here. The TP-C certification is the gold standard for tactical medics and is the mark of a professional. 

Students in the TP-C Prep Course will receive a copy of IA MED's proprietary study guide, Tactical Paramedic Certification & Practical Application, by Kyle Faudree, included in their course enrollment fee. In addition to the daily lectures, students will take numerous quizzes and a full-length practice exam before completion of the course. Please note that students will still be required to register for the TP-C exam separately if they wish to obtain the certification. 

Our course is used by various units to validate their medics as practitioners of tactical medicine and is approved by the IBSC as a certification review course.

You can find more information about the IBSC's TP-C exam by clicking here

Course # R170915T

Date: 15-17 September 2017

Duration:  3 Days 

Course Type:  Tactical Paramedic Prep (TP-C)

Host: National Medical Education & Training Center


5 Manley Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379




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